Month: April 2009

Administrator Lock-out?

As many may have seen, the Administrator account has some special privileges. It can logon to a workstation/server when no Global Catalog is available and it can always logon. Well seems that always is not entirely true. Just as a regular account the Administrator account gets locked when the password attempts reach the limit as […]

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Group Policy Preferences ready?

When introducing the Group Policy Preferences in your organization, you need to make sure all your systems have the Client Side Extensions software installed. This CSE package can be distributed by WSUS but can also be deployed separately. But for GPP to work you must also have XMLLite installed if your IE version is below 7.

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How to hack Vista without bitlocker

While browsing I stumbled upon a nice video explaining the trick the get a command prompt during the loginscreen of a user.. and that command prompt is in the system security context. They say physical access is full access and without bitlocker they are right.. take a look at the short video below..

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