Month: October 2009

Missing some hours lately?

Daylight saving time.. (DST).. some love it (due to some extra hours of sleep) some hate it.. because the have to program around it.. and so do the developers at Microsoft.. and then.. there are some countries that like to switch the dates they change the time (Argentina for example).. well all fuzzy logic if you ask me.. and so did the developers think.. and they accidently missed one date.. a date very close to come..(October 25th)

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OWA 2010 Themes

As you might of seen, the themes option is removed in Exchange 2010.. the old layout has been changed to some ugly yellow stylish look (probably to make it look like Office 2010.. ). Personally I do not like the yellow and have always used the Zune theme in Outlook 2007 (not that I like […]

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Hyper-V 2.0 + NLB

If you want to create an NLB on Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V, you will notice that all previous blog posts around this topic will do you no good..¬†Although you can setup the NLB, network traffic will halt no matter what you do.. change the mac to static, revert it back etc etc.. seems Hyper-V version […]

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