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AZ Cleanup

I already published a script for cleaning up Azure resources, but found that with the introduction of the new AZ commands and later versions of the PShell CMDLets it was getting out of date fast. So I worked on a new module (.psm1) to replace it and give me more freedom to use the unused […]

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Enable/Disable Accelerated Networking on Azure VM’s part 2

In my previous post, I talked about using a custom script to redeploy VM’s with Accelerated networking enabled or disabled. The latest PowerShell cmd’lets however make things a lot easier and don’t require you to re-deploy the entire VM anymore. So, this post is a followup to the previous one and explains how to enable […]

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Encryption in the Cloud

One of the hottest topics with customers in their “journey” to adopt cloud is the topic of encryption. Data that goes up into space needs to be controlled to avoid leakage to hackers, script kiddies and what not. In the next few series I will be looking at Encryption in Azure, but let’s start with […]

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Exclusive: Azure Gateway OpenVPN P2S profile creator

Since only a few days (and for the few that read this before the Ignite launch: in a few days) the Azure Virtual Network Gateway will support P2S connections based on OpenVPN. This means that the connections from all your clients to Azure networks becomes a whole lot easier. Connect with your phone, tablet, Mac […]

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ImmutableID – mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid – ADConnect – final part

One of the most looked at topics on this blogpost is the ImmutableID series for Azure AD Connect and AADSync. And I wanted to give an update to this, given the latest versions of Azure AD Connect seemed to have adopted the idea to use the ms-ds-ConsistencyGuid (or any other value) to replace the ImmutableID used for synchronization. Don’t worry, please keep reading the other posts, as they clearly explain the how behind the idea of using the alternative ImmutableID.. and this post is just to tell you.. Microsoft has made the implementation a lot easier!


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How to connect to Azure Services

When deploying services in Azure, the connection to those services is important. Some services might require public access, while for other services you want to have a more private connection.. this post goes into the different options.. and what to take into account when connecting to services deployed in Azure.. Within Azure there is a […]

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