Tag: Edge Networks

Azure Extended network (“L2” – ish connections)

In November 2019 at the Microsoft Ignite conference there was a demo on how to extend your on-premises network to Azure. While embedded in a regular Azure session, one might think this allows you to do a L2 extension of your network into an Azure network, its actually not. Yes, you can have overlapping subnets […]

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How to connect to Azure Services

When deploying services in Azure, the connection to those services is important. Some services might require public access, while for other services you want to have a more private connection.. this post goes into the different options.. and what to take into account when connecting to services deployed in Azure.. Within Azure there is a […]

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Tunnel DMZ to Internal

When you have servers in the DMZ that are members of your internal AD (not best practice ok.. ) .. you find yourself shooting holes in the firewall to allow RPC, SMB and other protocols. In that case perhaps an IPSEC tunnel can help you out.. when you use a tunnel between your internal and DMZ hosts, the firewall only has to allow UDP 500 and ESP protocol (protocol 50). No high ports required. To set it up use the following guide.

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