Tag: PowerShell

Azure Availability Sets & Azure Capacity

How to move a large number of VM’s between AVsets This topic is to introduce a new script that helps with deployments in Azure Availability Sets, I actually had a few reasons for writing the script, Capacity Errors and Proximity Groups AV Set Capacity When you deploy a new VM to an Availability Set in, […]

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Windows Virtual Desktop – Group Sync script

In my previous post, you read about how to setup a full WVD environment. As you may have noticed, providing permissions to the applications or desktops can only be done using PowerShell (at the time of writing this article). This was a bit odd for me, as many enterprises use AD / AAD groups to […]

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B2B Users & INternal apps

AAD B2B & AD KCD – AAD App Proxy In a previous post I talked about using Azure AD App Proxy in combination with B2B accounts. This is to allow B2B invited guest users to be able to connect to internal applications using Kerberos, without them knowing their sAMAccountName or password. In that post, I […]

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