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FIM RC1 U3 and admin rights

So I tried to install the FIM RC (u3) in a demo environment, and what a hush hush was that.. My setup was fairly easy, all (except SQL) on a single box.. offcourse reading is not my best skill, but the install went fine.. and the portal was ready for the administrator account (installed it with). It opened on the fim server without a problem, but getting it to work remotely, that was another problem..

The guide tells you to register SPN’s for the Kerberos to work if the FIM Portal and FIM service are on seperate servers, but ALSO if you want to use the FIM password reset extension.. however registering the http/servername to a service account renders the remote login useless.. you will receive an HTTP Error 401. The requested resource required used authentication.

If you where to google (or bing) on that error code the links tell you to disable Kernel Mode kerberos in IIS.. well that kinda did NOT do the trick either and although the Sharepoint site comes up then, the FIM portal dies..

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