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SharePoint to retrieve data from two LDAP directories

So no posts for a long time, been busy though.. and the latest addition to this blogpost is about SharePoint. Who would have thought.. In my case the customer wanted to enrich the User profiles that came from Active Directory with Novell attributes that where in a central identity store. While SharePoint is capable of […]

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Office 365… where to get your information

So this post is more of an advertisement.. Office 365, the latest version of BPOS (Business Productivity Suite Online) is in beta stage at the moment and more enterprises decide to go for it. It is based on Exchange 2010, Lync (new OCS), SharePoint 2010 and lots more.. My colleagues have decided to create a […]

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Windows Firewall through policies + SCM

So everybody should enable firewall policies in order to keep their environment secure. Best practice is to manage the firewalls through policies.. keep a default policy to enable the firewall and do not allow incoming connections.. then based on server role add exceptions and ports. That way, each server added to the domain is secured by the firewall by default, but additional policies can enable applications to receive traffic.

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