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Windows Virtual Desktop – Profile Management with Azure files & FSLogix

When we deployed our WVD VM’s, these VM’s are basically Windows 10 VM’s that allow multiple users to login. When users login to pooled VM’s they can be redirected to any of the available VM’s in a pool, and ideally we want to ensure that the users’ profile is the same on all of those. […]

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Windows Virtual Desktop – Reusing your template VM

When working with Windows Virtual Desktop and custom images, you will notice that you need to sysprep your master image that makes it useless for the rest of the time. In my previous post I advised to create a pre-sysprep snapshot so we can re-use the same image without too much hassle. In this post, […]

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Windows Virtual Desktop

There are many tutorials already on WVD, but none that satisfied my needs for a full configuration with custom image. So why not create one myself….. This tutorial describes the implementation of a Windows Virtual Desktop from a custom image up to publishing applications / desktop. This post is the first in a series of […]

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