Day: February 24, 2009

Safari 4.0 beta is out

I am one of the few people using Safari next to IE(7/8) as their standard browser during day to day internet surfing. Many try to get me into Firefox with all the new applets and plugins like password and URL sync between hosts.. but nothing beats the new Safari 4.0 is my humble opinon… finally […]

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Tunnel DMZ to Internal

When you have servers in the DMZ that are members of your internal AD (not best practice ok.. ) .. you find yourself shooting holes in the firewall to allow RPC, SMB and other protocols. In that case perhaps an IPSEC tunnel can help you out.. when you use a tunnel between your internal and DMZ hosts, the firewall only has to allow UDP 500 and ESP protocol (protocol 50). No high ports required. To set it up use the following guide.

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Default Logon Domain

When you use Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2 or Vista / Windows 2008 you almost always have to type the domain name during logon.. eg Type your username as ROOTDOMAINUser… annoying: yes.. go to the following group policy to specify the default domain logon: ComputerAdministrative TemplatesSystemLogonAssign a default domain for logon  and set your default logon […]

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