Azure Stack Development Kit – Rebooting ADFS mode

When you have deployed your ASDK in ADFS mode and you want to shutdown/reboot the host, you might notice that the service never comes up again.. while a shutdown through the host directly is not-supported you are able to shutdown the ASDK using the AzS-ERCS01 privileged endpoint. To shutdown your ASDK do the following from the host:

  • Open powershell
    • $creds-get-credential
  • provide the AzureStack\CloudAdmin credentials
    • Enter-PSSession -ComputerName AzS-ERCS01 -ConfigurationName PrivilegedEndpoint -Credential $creds
  • Once the session has opened issue
    • Stop-AzureStack
  • The shutdown might take over an hour, but it will not only shutdown stack, it will shutdown the host too

When you then want to start the Stack.. just power-on the host and wait.. wait…wait.. for over an hour for all services to be back up..

but what if it doesn’t? I noticed that many times a reboot is not survived by stack.. and this is mostly the case for ADFS based implementations…. The ADFS service probably did not start.. so it needs to be started.

  • provide the Azurestack\AzureStackAdmin credentials
    • $cred=get-credential
  • Connect to ADFS service
    • Enter-PSSession -ComputerName AzS-ADFS01 -Credential $cred
  • Start the service
    • start-service adfssrv




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